2012-12-16 13:55:16

2012-12-16 13:55:16 by ECP PL

On 30 April 2012 the INTERSTRAT Project ended. Final Report is available here.


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2012-01-16 17:47:50

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Final Event in Edinburgh
2012-01-16 17:47:50 by ECP PL

Day 1:Critical review of INTERSTRAT

Day 2: “Positioning urban Scotland in its European context” – What can we learn about benchmarking?

Date: 29-30 March 2012

Venue: Edinburgh, UK

The aim of the first day of the event is to stimulate a debate, gather information and ensure that all the information necessary for the submission of the Fi...

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2011-11-04 16:48:31

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Conference in Greece
2011-11-04 16:48:31 by ECP PL

ESPON 2013 Programme 2nd Conference "ESPON findings in service of a new paradigm of regional development in Greece" Integrated territorial development strategies by European regions and cities

Date: 8 Νοvember 2011, 9h00–19h00

Venue : Panteion University, Amphitheater "Sakis Karagiorgas II"

Τhe 2nd ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop is organized by the Greek ESPON* Contact Point ...

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2011-09-21 00:14:54

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Conference in Romania
2011-09-21 00:14:54 by ECP PL

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Conference in Romania

"Management and monitoring systems for the integrated territorial development", on October 28th, in Sinaia.

The main themes we intend to discuss are:
1. Management and monitoring systems in cross border areas.
2. The environment and socio-economic dimensions of planning. Case studies: sensitive and challenged territories.
3. The territorial dimension of planning.

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2011-09-08 01:03:06

ESPON - INTERSTRAT Conference in Warsaw: Territorial perspective in strategic planning. What do ESPON results say about Poland?
2011-09-08 01:03:06 by ECP PL

Territorial perspective in strategic planning. What do ESPON results say about Poland?

DATE: 12 October 2011 r.

VENUE: Warsaw, The Palace of Culture and Science, Sala Rudniewa, 4th floor (pleace take a lift at main entrance - by Marszalkowska Str)

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2011-11-08 19:03:31

ESPON Info Day Belgium
2011-11-08 19:03:31 by ECP PL

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2011-09-01 12:40:48

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Slovenia: Is there space for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth?
2011-09-01 12:40:48 by ECP PL

4 October 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Is there space for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth?", National ESPON and ESPON INTERSTRAT event

The main focus of the event is how ESPON knowledge can be used in national, regional and local policy-making. Slovenian project partners of selected ESPON 2013 projects will present the added value of their project outcomes and its possible use for Slovenia, the Slovenian ECP  tog...

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2011-07-26 16:35:02

ESPON - INTERSTRAT Conference in London: Planning for Growth – What can we learn from Europe?
2011-07-26 16:35:02 by ECP PL

Photo by Hisks

This conference is organised by the RTPI and UK ESPON Contact Point: London, 30 September 2011.

This one-day conference will bring together leading UK practitioners, policy makers and researchers to d...

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2011-11-08 19:38:01

ESPON – INTERSTRAT Seminar in Dublin
2011-11-08 19:38:01 by ECP PL

 ESPON Seminar: Dublin, 28th September 2011

Indicator Development and Monitoring for the National Spatial Strategy and Regional Planning Guidelines

Venue: The Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 (10am – 3.45pm)

Background and Objectives:

The National Spatial Strategy for the Republic of Ireland, published in 2002, articulated a strong vision and long-ter...

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2011-09-01 14:17:12

KRAS-CARSO Workshop in Slovenia
2011-09-01 14:17:12 by ECP PL

12 September 2011, Sežana, Slovenia

How can ESPON knowledge be used in preparation of spatial development strategy in cross-border area? This will be investigated at the workshop with the stakeholders of cross-border project KRAS-CARSO and ECP SI.

For more information please contact Slovenian ECP representative Mrs Blanka Bartol


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2011-09-01 14:16:59

National ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Slovenia
2011-09-01 14:16:59 by ECP PL

2 September 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

ECP SI is organizing the third workshop with the key stakeholders on suitable spatial model of the coutry taking into accout territorial potentials and ESPON knowledge.

For more information please contact Slovenian ECP representative Mrs Blanka Bartol


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2011-04-14 17:24:23

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Romania
2011-04-14 17:24:23 by ECP PL

„Refresh your practice! The ESPON contribution to the formulation of territorial development strategies in Romania"

Date: 9th June 2011

Venue: Iaşi, Str. Alexandru Lăpuşneanu 14, room 502

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2011-04-14 14:36:13

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Italy
2011-04-14 14:36:13 by ECP PL

Date: 26th May 2011

Venue: University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Faculty of Economics, via Columbia 2, Rome

The Italian ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop took place during the 15th Geography Days on 26-27 May 2011 in Rome: "Geography and Geographies in Italy and in Europe" organised on the occasion of the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Ital...

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2011-04-08 15:37:27

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Bulgaria
2011-04-08 15:37:27 by ECP PL

Date:17 May 2011

Venue:Premises of Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Sofia 1504, 11 "Krakra" str.

The Bulgarian ECP is determined to raise awareness about ESPON in Bulgaria, to support the potential Bulgarian applicants in the ESPON calls for proposals and to increase the number of the planners / practitioners / academics using in their w...

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2011-04-08 14:44:15

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Slovenia
2011-04-08 14:44:15 by ECP PL


Date: 15 April 2011

Venue: Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor / Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Ljubljana

The workshop included presenting the main objectives of the ESPON-INTERSTRAT project. Key presentations ellaborated on European context of state and regional development: presentation of selected results from the ESPON programme. Discussiosn have ...

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2011-03-30 13:05:58

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Worshop in Poland
2011-03-30 13:05:58 by ECP PL

How to include territorial dimension in creating evidence-based national integrated strategies?

Date: 12 April 2011,

Venue: Ministry of Regional Development, ul. Wspólna 2/4, Warsaw, Poland

The aim of the workshop was to identify how ESPON results and European Territorial Development Perspective ...

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2011-03-31 23:43:10

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Worshop in Ireland
2011-03-31 23:43:10 by ECP PL

Work, Rest and Play: Planning for Functional Territories

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Venue: Ballymascanlon House Hotel, Dundalk

This workshop and roundtable discussion considered the practical issues relating to planning for functional territories, focusing in particular on cross-border contexts. This has been achieved through a review of European, and emerging Irish, good practice, and t...

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2011-03-30 13:28:47

A workshop organised by the RTPI and UK ESPON Contact Point
2011-03-30 13:28:47 by ECP PL

Using European Research for the Scottish National Planning Framework

Venue: Lothian Chambers, Edinburgh

Date: 1 April 2011

The workshop aimed to consider how information generated by the European spatial planning research programme, ESPON, can be used in the monitoring and review of strategic planning policy in Scotland.

The event was...

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2011-03-15 16:16:38

ESPON-INTERSTRAT Workshop in Greece
2011-03-15 16:16:38 by ECP PL

Date: 10th March 2011

Venue: Panheion University, Amphiteatre "Sakis Karagiorgas"

The aim of the workshop was to explore ESPON findings in the creation and monitoring of ITDS and discuss the issues of a Greek Observatory for territorial development and cohesion. The workshop was opened by Panteion Univer...

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2011-03-30 11:06:59

ESPON INTERSTRAT 3rd Steering Group Committee Meeting (special)
2011-03-30 11:06:59 by ECP PL